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Legionella Pneumophila Real Time PCR Kit *CE Marked

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1. Intended Use
By using real time PCR systems, legionella pneumophila real time PCR kit is used for the detection
of legionella pneumophila in samples like nasal and pharyngeal secretions, sputum, provoked
sputum, bronchial lavage, lung biopsy and etc.

2. Product Description
Legionella pneumophila is a motile, rod-shaped, gram-negative, aerobic, bacterium. It requires
complex nutritional requirements such as high cysteine levels and low sodium levels to grow.
Legionella pneumophila have always been found in non-marine aquatic environments such as lakes
and ponds. The optimum growth temperature range for this bacteria is 20-45 degrees Celsius. The
organism has been found to possess the ability to survive in tap water at room temperature for over
a year. Legionella bacteria are transmitted to the lungs of human beings through a process called
Legionella pneumophila real time PCR Kit contains a specific ready-to-use system for the
detection of the legionella pneumophila by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the real-time PCR
system. The master contains reagents and enzymes for the specific amplification of the legionella
pneumophila DNA. Fluorescence is emitted and measured by the real time systems´ optical unit
during the PCR. The detection of amplified legionella pneumophila DNA fragment is performed in
fluorimeter channel FAM with the fluorescent quencher BHQ1. DNA extraction buffer is
available in the kit and samples(e.g. nasal and pharyngeal secretions, sputum, provoked sputum,
bronchial lavage, lung biopsy) are used for DNA extraction. In addition, the kit contains a system
to identify possible PCR inhibition by measuring the HEX/VIC/JOE fluorescence of the internal
control (IC). An external positive control (1×108copies/ml) allows the determination of the gene
load. For further information, please refer to section 9.3 Quantitation.




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