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Listeria monocytogenes Real Time PCR Kit *CE Marked

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1. Intended Use
Listeria Monocytogenes real time PCR kit is used for the detection of Listeria Monocytogenes in stool,
blood,food or water samples by using real time PCR systems.

2. Product Description
Listeria monocytogenes is a Gram-positive bacterium, in the division Firmicutes, named for Joseph
Lister. Motile via flagella, L. monocytogenes can move within eukaryotic cells by explosive
polymerization of actin filaments (known as comet tails or actin rockets). Studies suggest that up to
10% of human gastrointestinal tracts may be colonized by L. monocytogenes. L. monocytogenes has
been associated with such foods as raw milk, pasteurized fluid milk , cheeses (particularly soft-ripened
varieties), ice cream, raw vegetables, fermented raw-meat sausages, raw and cooked poultry, raw
meats (of all types), and raw and smoked fish. Its ability to grow at temperatures as low as 0°C permits
multiplication in refrigerated foods. In refrigeration temperature such as 4°C the amount of ferric iron
promotes the growth of L. monocytogenes.
Listeria Monocytogenesreal time PCR kit contains a specific ready-to-use system for the detection of
the Listeria Monocytogenesusing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in the real-time PCR system. The
master contains reagents and enzyme for the specific amplification of the Listeria
MonocytogenesDNA. Fluorescence is emitted and measured by the real time systems´ optical unit
during the PCR. The detection of amplified Listeria Monocytogenes DNA fragment is performed in
fluorimeter channel 530nm with the fluorescent quencher BHQ1. In addition, the kit contains a
system to identify possible PCR inhibition by measuring the 560nm fluorescence of the internal
control (IC). An external positive control defined as 1×107 copies/ml is supplied which allow the
determination of the gene load. For further information, please refer to section 9.3 Quantitation.



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