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1. Purpose of the test

ADIAVET™ PRV REAL TIME kit is intended to detect the Pseudorabies Virus (PRV), in other words Aujeszky’s Disease Virus, using real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology from nasal swab, tissue and brain specimens of dog, pig and wild boar.

2. Pathogen

Pseudorabies virus is the causing agent of Aujeszky’s disease. The principal host of this double strand DNA virus (family: herpesviridae; subfamily: alphaherpesvirinae) is swine. More rarely, it may also infect other mammals like cattle, little ruminants, carnivores and rodents. However, it isn’t pathogenic for humans. PRV virus affects the central nervous system and organs of the respiratory system. In swine, Aujeszky’s disease shows itself under three forms depending on animal’s age: a nervous form, a respiratory form and a genital form. In other mammals, it causes infection of the central nervous system leading very quickly to the death of the animal. The diagnosis of Aujeszky’s disease can be established by the detection of the virus (by cell culture or by PCR) from tonsils, lymphatic nodes, lungs, brain, spinal cord or nasal swabs. It is also possible to detect the presence of antibodies using a serological test.


3. Description and purpose of the test

This test is based on enzymatic gene amplification or PCR technology. Amplified products are detected in real-time thanks to a specific labelled hydrolysis probe (5’- exonulease technology). The ADIAVET™ PRV REAL TIME kit enables the simultaneous detection of: – the PRV virus (probe labelled in FAM), – an exogen control EPC-Ext added during the extraction that allows validating extraction and amplification steps (probe labelled with a fluorochrome read in the same spectra as VIC or HEX). ADIAGENE validated the test using DNA purification kits (MACHEREY-NAGEL, QIAGEN). Other purification kits can be used if they have been validated by the user.

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